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Night is a stronghold

Nataku D.Dragonblood
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armour by Vania Zouravliov
12012, andrzej sapkowski, angel sanctuary, apollinaire, arnold böcklin, art history, aubrey/maturin, ayami kojima, baudelaire, being armed with three-chords-and-the-truth, being snarky, big stompy boots, blame!, boisterous times with friends, camus, china miéville, cioran, cities by night, companionable silence, cordwainer smith, cyberpunk novels, dorohedoro, early gothic music&scene, eccentric characters, edward burne-jones, elric, english language, extreme metal, fantasy doing myths right, feminism, foggy mornings, fruitful nonsense, geek of many trades, george rr martin, getting kicked during moshpits, getting lost in bookshops, gustave doré, harajuku, head-banging, hieronymus bosch, history, history of religions, hudson river school, j.w. turner, james p. blaylock, jan toorop, japanese language, jean lorrain, john everett millais, kagrra, kanji, kera, lermontov, léa silhol, mallarmé, malraux, marion z bradley, meganekko, minor 19th-century painters, neon signs, nerdiness as competitive sport, new weird, nightscapes, nostalgia and ruins, not cybergoth, not metalcore, not nu metal, old-school visual kei, oscar wilde, people watching, people with bob haircuts, photoshop, playing guitar, programming, reading, sandman, science fiction, second-hand shops, simone de beauvoir, sinister knowledge, sleepless 4 am, snowy winters, someone-else's-nightmare sounding music, swords and blades, tall ships, tokyo nights/tokyo lights, traditional metal, unholy art of growling, untranslatable words, walking, william gibson, wistful prose, world still at night, would-be writer, zelazny, zola, オタ充, 自宅警備員